A Small Moment of Gratitude

Just returned from bringing Holy Communion.

Last week I didn’t see them- they were on vacation for Easter, visiting her daughter in another state.

I actually did miss them. They were supposed to return Wednesday, she was going to call me.

I had called on Friday to confirm plans and the woman I bring it to asked that I wait until Monday, our usual time. That was fine with me. She likes routine, as do most older people.

So I was glad to get back to usual today, at our standing time.

I know that I won’t always have this availability. I’ve gotten to know a family, and I look forward to visiting them every week. I worry that when I get another job, I won’t be able to make it to Mass. Most of the jobs I’ve had have entailed working evenings, weekends and holidays. I worked Sundays the first three years, but asked for Sundays off and my boss approved it.

Having Sunday free and being able to attend Mass again has helped me enormously. I usually end up doing some work anyway, but I at least have ample time to complete what needs to be turned in. If I hustle, I can have things done Saturday.

Bringing Holy Communion to this family is a simple but important part of my life. They know when to expect me and at this point, I can just walk right in to their home.

Right now, I’m thankful for the privilege.



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