I’m Bringing Fanny (Packs!) Back


My step-mom gave me the most ugly, compact, BLACK, pleather(?) fanny pack recently.

She asked if I wanted it and I laughed. Of COURSE. How could I pass up that opportunity?

So today, I decided to make it Fanny Pack Day. I resolved to wear this like it was 1993 and strut without shame.

I wanted to see if I’d get any reactions. Sadly, it was anti-climactic.

I DID get an obvious look from a middle-aged woman passing by me in the parking lot, however. A total smirk. BINGO.

AT least that’s something. My GOAL was to try to start a conversation with someone about it, if no one mentioned it. But I’m just not that social today. I had an agenda! And I did get it done!

I am delighted to report that I wore this without irony. With rain boots, though there’s nary a raindrop in the sky.

Fanny pack PRIDE, dude.

I like to do stupid things like this– wear something ridiculous and act like it’s totally normal.

A bit of subversive comedy,even if no one else notices. Ya gotta amuse yourself somehow!

I hope to report in another time with a better story– or maybe a picture.

Maybe I’ll ask someone if they’ll put it on and take a picture. Dare me?


6 comments on “I’m Bringing Fanny (Packs!) Back

  1. I DOUBLE dog dare you.

  2. lol….omg I can SO picture this (as I remember myself wearing one)!!

    • Awesome, what color was yours? Tell me a fanny pack story!

      • lol mine was a black one, handed down from the older sisters. It was when they were going out of style, but I was forced into wearing it anyways. Being a kid, you don’t have much say when your thoughts is mom/dad this is embarrassing!!

      • Ahh, hand-me-downs! Sweet, we both had/have black ones. The clothes that used to be picked out for me as a kid were atrocious, so I can relate to being mortified! Do you have any pictures of it? If you find any, I dare you to post it!

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