The Couple in Gray

At Palm Sunday Mass today, there was a young couple behind me.

They were both brunette, conservative. A tall strapping man, a petite woman with long beautiful hair.

When it came time for “Peace,” I turned behind me to shake their hands.

But he pulled her to him and kissed her forehead. It was casual PDA, second nature.

She closed her eyes and the whisper of a smile came to her face. She looked as if she felt cherished.

And I was glad for her– for both of them.

They were both wearing a gray long-sleeve cotton shirt, and blue jeans. They matched perfectly.

I’ve seen them before.

I love that this couple incorporates going to Mass together into their relationship.

I hope to have that myself one day.

I especially enjoyed that moment of affection because most Catholics don’t do that in Mass– there may be a quick hug, but not usually a full embrace. Usually you’ll see a lot of eye contact, smiles, waves and of course, people shaking hands.

I remember once a former youth minister of mine kissed his girlfriend in church– and said he got several LOOKS because of it. Just a peck. Why should that natural expression of love between a committed couple be a problem in God’s house? Afterwards, he talked to us about why that bothered him. He thought it was so petty– and it was.

This young couple wasn’t worried about what anyone thought– and no one seemed to begrudge them for it.

Seeing reaffirmed a bit of my hope for love.

One day, I hope to have man who will go to Mass with me– who will think nothing of such an innocent display of love. I see it as something protective and genuine.

But until then, I will keep going on my own.

And I will be happy for those couples who have found each other, and celebrate God together.


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