My First Prayer Group: Listening to God’s Voice

I changed my mind about not blogging. Don’t I always?

I just got home from my very first prayer group!! It’s part of a Lenten focus.

It was very intimate– just three of us.

We had a sheet of questions about a scripture, and it was a delightful discussion.

I’m glad I went with my gut and cancelled Bible study. As much as I enjoyed it, it wasn’t set up the way I was hoping. It was a Power Point presentation, where the teacher talked and we listened. Granted, he was VERY excited about the material– but we didn’t have a group that asked questions. And since I know NOTHING about Scripture, I was too intimidated to ask. Usually I’m not. But I was then.

I had hoped for a smaller group, more interaction. Active discussion.

When I went to Mass and heard about this group at the same time, I knew it was a sign. And I was right. I missed last week by accident- this is the second week. But I’m definitely hooked.

It was really interesting, since it was held in a Catholic Worker house. Perfect setting.

Very quiet, easy to see and hear one another. Surrounded by Catholic literature about social justice. There’s a framed picture of Dorothy Day nearby, in another room.

God was talking! These two men have a lot of knowledge about Scripture and theory– they provided a lot of wonderful insight about historical and philosophical contexts. The discussion was great.

It was easy for me to personalize the questions to my own experience, something the man hosting it complimented me on.

I suppose I’ve never thought of it as a talent, but I realize that for some people that’s something they struggle with. It may be hard for them to connect to their feelings and intimidating to admit personal experiences. Although we found common ground right away, as they did share a little bit.

But it’s a first meeting. We’re all just starting.

It felt so wonderful to be able to sit and talk to two men and hear their perspectives. Both committed to social justice.

There’s a lot of hope out there folks. You just gotta go where the light is.


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