Keeping a Family Tradition

To Bible study I go!

I’ve been re-reading the handouts we were given, with my notes.

Last week was my first time. I initially planned to purchase a “study Bible.” Instead, I decided to use one I already own.

It belonged to my Aunt Mary Jane– she was a Catholic nun on my Dad’s side.

It’s in a maroon Bible carrying case. It zips on the side and has a carrying handle on the spine.

There’s a large pocket on the front cover.

The Bible itself is maroon as well. It says “Holy Bible,” in gold print. On the spine it declares itself:

New American Bible

Giant Print

Catholic Edition”

The book is laminated. That is my aunt– always taking care to protect her things. An address sticker in the top right hand corner declares it her property, with the address of her convent.

It is divided by stick-on tabs– typed out in capital letters. Each tab has a gold tip.

It’s beautiful– AND convenient.

Sister was always inviting me to come to Mass with her.

Sadly, we never read The Bible together. I wish we had.

But now, I can bring her Bible with me– and that’s the next best thing.

This would make her happy, knowing I’m becoming more deeply involved in my faith.

Plus, I’m saving money! That would make her happy too. She was very thrifty.

What makes this seem best of all is that at the end of the first class last week, we ended with “The Glory Be.” I love that prayer.

We used to pray that together all the time.

Tonight, I will bring Aunt Mary Jane’s Bible and make it my own.

I will also bring highlighters.

And by using her Bible tonight and claiming it as my own, it will become ours.

Aunt Mary Jane, you are missed. Please be with me tonight as I study The Word.


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