Woke Up with a Crick in my Neck: But I’m Still Writing


Something about my pillow pinched my neck.

But that’s okay. Today is going to be great.

In my last post, I admitted that I battle anxiety. But who doesn’t? We all deal with it in some form.

I’m getting better at tolerating it. Last night I was watching “The Gabby Douglas Story,” on TV.  Even SHE wanted to quit– after she got injured, and when she missed her family at home. But her mother wouldn’t let her quit. Her coach was logical and gently encouraging. He saw her fears and he addressed them. Her brother sent her a picture of her with gold medals drawn on it.

And like a pro, she kept going. And she won the Olympics.  God bless the young. Their vigor lights a fire under us.

I think we all need different types of support to motivate us. People who empathize, and people who push us hard to succeed. And of course, the detractors! The haters. Personally what motivates me the most is a bit of desperation. When I have something to prove. When I’m angry.

Anger is a great motivator. It reminds us that by our actions, we can prove the assumptions of those who have put us down wrong.

It sparks a worthy cause, a need to contribute something toward change.

Anyone who’s great at something questions themselves. That’s what makes us good. If we didn’t have fear of failure, we wouldn’t push ourselves so much. We wouldn’t devote ourselves to practicing and perfecting what we do.

I think part of my problem is the religious aspect of me thinks that writing in itself is too vain.

To that, I say that God gave me this passion for words. And my parents invested in a great education for me so that I can use it!

So I’m going to channel a bit o’ Jonathan Flynn, one of my favorite literary and movie characters. I’m going to tell myself,

“I am a truly great writer.”  Because it’s true.

Modesty will not get you a job. Vanity has its place.

And I’m going to prove to myself, and everyone else, that I can do what I love: write.


2 comments on “Woke Up with a Crick in my Neck: But I’m Still Writing

  1. Religion may tell you writing is vain but I believe the God who created you gave you amazing talent for a reason!! Where would faith and the Bible be if no one ever wrote anything down?? Faith NEEDS amazing writers! Why leave it to the holed-up stuffed shirts?

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