A Writing Desk! The Best Gift Ever.

Yesterday, I got the best surprise I’ve had all winter.

My step-mother, Diane, called me from a local store of “gently used” items. There was a desk on sale for $50– did I want to come take a look at it? I was out the door. My Dad was there, too.

I am so lucky.

It’s beautiful. And now it’s mine. They picked it up and moved it in today.

It has five drawers. One in the middle, and two on either side. And the fixtures are brass! It matches my living room, because I have brass lamps and an oak coffee table.

And I can FINALLY have a real desk on which to write! I’ve been tapping away on this little computer stand for several years– since college. And while it’s fine, I just know that an actual DESK will make me feel more… everything.

Writerly. Adult. Professional.

I can eliminate the white plastic stand of drawers that again, I’ve been using since college. That’s where my pens, highlighters, index cards and paper is stored. Now I can put in the drawers.

I never asked for a desk. But Diane saw it and thought of me. As our relationship continues to grow, she is getting better at intuiting gifts that I’ll NEED as much as I will appreciate them.

This is also wonderful because it’s the second time someone offered me a writing desk as a gift. The first time was actually a reader! But I turned the gift down then. I appreciated the offer, but it wasn’t the right time. The gesture meant a lot to me, however.

Now I know why that desk wasn’t the right one– because I was waiting for this one.

Just looking at it inspires me.

Someday, I hope to buy myself a completely authentic, fully wooden desk. But this is a wonderful starter.

Maybe one day I’ll live in a place big enough that I can keep both? Or maybe one day I can give this desk to another young writer.

Maybe I’ll fall in love with it and never want to give it up.

I have yet to move it into place– I need to do some rearranging first.

But I am so blessed.

My parents don’t read my blog, and sometimes I have felt resentful about that.

But they know me and love me enough to buy me a desk, and they support my writing.

Without even knowing it, they are helping support this blog.

And they inspire me every day, just being themselves.

So this blog is for them– and to thank God for such a blessing.


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