New Color, A Trim, and More Confidence

Yesterday, I colored my hair.

I know I praised my grays previously– and I did enjoy the The Gandalf Upgrade to white.

But we all go through phases where we just don’t care much about our looks. We stop trying. And there’s a certain comfort in that, because we attract less attention that way. Sometimes we don’t want attention. We just want a break from it. And it can be a welcome period of rest.

But I think when you start to care again, it’s a sign of growth. It’s a sign of self-respect, of wanting to look good for YOURSELF. Because it’s true– when you look better, you feel better.

I dyed my hair once, a few months ago. It turned out way too bright red– I wasn’t a fan. It faded to an orangey color. The cut was grown out– it was just a block of thick hair that I usually only put in ponytails, if I did anything at all with it.

I’m not one to fuss with styling long hair. I’m a tomboy in that way. I like to keep it simple.

But yesterday I tried a new stylist, and she was just what I needed!

I liked her because her own style was fantastic. And you want a stylist who IS stylish. Duh.

She ended up just thinning out my heavy locks a bit, giving me some layers around the face. I was going to try bangs, but ruled it out last-minute. I always end up pushing them back with my hands or slapping on a headband. I have a small forehead so I can’t pull off big fringe bangs, or most kind of bangs at all! They just get in my eyes and usually annoy me. And while the Bettie Page look is hot– it’s not for me.

I got a dark brown mixed with a bit of cherry. I love it. It warms up my pale complexion, and matches the winter mood. And I feel more confident! It’s a bob– practical.

I’m ready to go out and get things done in this hair!!

Taking care of yourself as a woman, splurging a bit on yourself– it just makes you feel better.

And while I know those gray and white hairs are still there– I’m 33, not 53. I’m gonna fight ’em!

The upkeep is annoying, yes. But I’m worth the effort.


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