Everyday (Spreading the Love!)

I am bursting with gratitude right now.

I’ve been given so many blessings– I just want to share some love with the world.

All my life, I’ve been lifted up. I’ve been put down too– of course. But the good has exponentially outweighed the bad.

I love the guy in this video– just offering hugs. At first people think he’s a whackjob and avoid him. But once that first old lady decides to give it a go, suddenly his luck changes. There’s something about him. Everybody wants a hug! He even makes the news– and works his way into the studios of Conan O’ Brian and then Dave Matthews Band!!

I want to give the world a hug right now– and this is the closest I can get! Thank you. For being you. For reading. For loving others.

Keep the love going, man. We all need it. We all deserve it. We all need to be like this hugging man– giving love, without expecting it.

Just because.

Just because everyone feels better when they’re met with trust and benevolence. Because everyone deserves it, even if they’re mean. Those need it the most of all– because people don’t get that way unless they’ve been treated that way a long time, and it’s a hard thing to undo. The only way to undo it is to love them persistently, without conditions, and to always forgive. And the one day?

They start to feel human again. A little love gets in. And they begin to change. Like the Grinch!

His heart started out “three sizes too small,” and he stole everyone’s presents. He wanted everyone miserable, like him. And by the end, he just wants to give to everyone! He’s a ridiculous softy, a grinning fool.

That’s how God works. Even if you don’t know it, or you don’t believe– he’s still there. Putting people in your life to change you. Bringing you small treasures, no matter how small. Hoping that one day you’ll notice. That one day, you’ll see him, and let him in your heart.

And then suddenly, you see everyone as good, and all you want to do is trust and give.

God is amazing.

I’m starting to understand Christianity better than ever right now.

Everyone deserves kindness.


One comment on “Everyday (Spreading the Love!)

  1. Love, love, love this! Lots of love towards you too, my yay friend!

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