No-Nonsense Woman

I’m definitely growing up.

I’ve visited my family in Kansas and Iowa, and they are all very salt-of-the-Earth people.

My family in Kansas are mostly farmers, and my family in Iowa are all working people. They all have a phenomenal work ethic.

When I was in Iowa, I went to the infamous Bridges of Madison County in Winterset. My Godmother took me to Rosemon Bridge, and took a lot of pictures and it was wonderful. It was quiet, beautiful. I felt so peaceful out there. I signed my name on the wall. Then we went to the John Wayne gift shop, by his birthplace. For my father, I bought “The John Wayne Code: An American Conservative Manifesto.” He loved it! For my step-mother, I bought some salt and pepper shakers that are shaped like cowboy boots. She loved them, too.

Lately I’m just thinking about simplifying my life. Getting rid of a lot of “stuff,” focusing more on responsibilities.  I’m becoming very practical.  And I’m proud of that, because my parents are very practical people. Both business people.

I used to be frivolous and whimsical, that had a place in my life– in my 20’s. I still have a spirit of childlike wonder, but now I value getting things done more. I got rid of so many of my clothes, and dress in a more simple way. I don’t wear as much make-up. I get to the point with people. I’m a good listener. I like my routine.

I’m proud that I’m becoming a no-nonsense woman.


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