Recognized! I have a Stand-up Fan

Tonight I went for an Italian dinner with my parents and my Aunt Pat and cousin Jimmy.

It was my belated birthday dinner, since I was in Iowa with my Godmother and my mother’s family then. 

We had a wonderful meal, and the server was nice enough to make me a coffee/hot chocolate combo– with a cherry at the bottom! I definitely didn’t want his initial suggestion of a Shirley Temple. 

I got Chicken Limone. Simple, wonderful, rich. On either side were my step-mother Diane and her sister, Pat. They were all in such a wonderful mood– I felt entirely spoiled. They brought me a few gifts, too.

But the highlight of the evening for me was when one of the servers made a point to come over and say to me, “I saw your stand-up comedy! You are really funny.”

I was shocked, since I’ve only done stand-up three times! At first I thought maybe she had me confused with someone else. What are the odds she would recognize me in a dark bar, dressed totally differently? I have a distinctive, loud voice. That could be it! 

I flushed with happiness and thanked her. She went back to work. 

After the meal when we were leaving, I went over to find her again.

I asked where she had seen me perform? (I have been two places.)

She told me it was the latter– roughly 1.5 years ago. I actually blogged about it, HERE.

I asked how she even HEARD me, because that bar was so loud! That night several area baseball teams were all getting beers afterward. It wasn’t a comedy-only night– there were also musical acts. I think there might have been two other comedians? My friend was bartending that night– she missed my act because she was dealing with fights. 

Point being, there was a lot happening that night! A friend visiting from out of town had told me that I was good– but because he was my friend, I thought he was just humoring me. 

But here is a random woman, more than a year later, who remembers me from that night. Somehow, she heard me over the din.

“My friends and I thought you were the best one there,” she said. 

I asked her name (Giana?)– sounded Italian! Thanked her warmly. 

I haven’t tried any stand-up since that night, because I thought I had bombed so bad. 

Tonight reminded me that even when WE think might have failed, we might be wrong. 

I don’t have serious aspirations as a stand-up comic– it’s just something fun I’ve done a few times.

I found it to be a stress-relief, honestly. Not sure when I’ll try it again.

But maybe I will. Why not? I’ve got fresh material!

My family thought it was so neat that someone recognized me! I did too.

So maybe I’m onto something with my creativity.

I’ll just keep putting myself out there. 

I’ll go to my job, but I won’t give up on being who I am: artistic, a bit silly, and an optimist. 

Because you never know who’s listening… and who thinks you’re great even on the days you think you bombed. 


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