Today I was Mistaken

for a true Chicagoan.

A woman approached me at the crosswalk, as I often do to people when I’m lost in the city.

“You from around here?” with a soft accent. Her eyes were large– somewhat distraught. She asked me about a cafe.

“No,” I smiled and shook my head. “But good luck!”

And then burst into glee, when the light changed and she went on her way.

Someone thought I was local! This has happened twice now– the first time was a year or so ago. And that time, I actually could answer the question! I really felt like something then.

I know it’s what I was wearing that made her approach me. I had on a long khaki skirt, a black turtleneck, and a beige sweater with pom-poms given to me by a friend who is the same size. It’s the type of sweater a grandmother would wear. I had an orange headband on also, with a flower.  A couple costume jewelry bracelets.

I looked artistic. And artistic fashion is distinctly Chicago.

Even better, I had just come from a writer’s workshop.

I felt more like a writer than ever.


One comment on “Today I was Mistaken

  1. sanuelle says:

    Hi guys! I’m a new blogger from Las Vegas. (:
    I was hoping maybe you could take the time to check my blog out.
    Thanks ♡

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