Krokodil is a Reality, and Deserves Compassion– not Hate

Right now, I miss my column. If I had it, this is what I’d say.

Since the news hit that Krokodil arrived in Will County, people’s true colors are showing.

And it’s more ugly than the effects of this deadly heroine-substitute.

Specifically, the drug his infiltrated Joliet– my hometown.

We’re already known as being a blue collar town full of prisons and bars. A lot of people in Chicago refer to us as “The Toliet,” although I prefer the affectionate term, “The Joylet.”

But I’m still proud to live here. Joliet is not a white trash town– it’s a real town, full of hard working, extremely loyal people.

And although I’m sad and terrified about the arrival of this horrible drug, I hate the way people are talking about this development.

Some users are brave enough to go public with their stories– how their bodies are a rotten, seeping mess because of their usage.

The comments on these stories are so heartless. Full of haters who just say that anyone who is “stupid enough” to inject themselves with gasoline, lighter fluid or paint thinner “deserve” to die or whatever other bodily harm befalls them.

That is absolutely NOT true.

People who do drugs are not trash– they are humans trying to numb pain. That’s why they are trying to escape in the first place. Many of them are doing their best to blot out horrible memories, or they are trapped in circumstances they experience as desperate.

Sobriety is a gift that not everyone is given automatically. Some have to fight for it. Some die trying.

And some addicts fight hard enough to recover– though it’s an hourly, daily struggle.

We need to treat them with compassion, not judgement.

Next time you want to pass judgement, imagine how you would feel if it was your family.

Or if it were YOU.

Many people say, “I can stay sober, so everyone else should be able to also.”

But guess what? Not everyone is you.

What if you had been born into less desirable circumstances? What if someone tricked you and you were given something different than you expected– and it was Krokodil?

Get off your moral high horses and open your hearts.


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