Bone Marrow Toast: I Survived!

Last night, I braved some BONE MARROW TOAST. Ten years ago, I never would have tried this!

It was the weirdest thing on the menu, and I felt compelled to give it a try.

When the plate arrived, I was a bit intimidated. My date was impressed. I was impressed he took me to a place where I could order something so outrageous.

It looked like the kind of meal Alice Cooper might enjoy.

Three bones of marrow were served split in half. Wow! I felt like John Candy in “The Great Outdoors,” with the Ol’ 96er– could I really stomach something so raw? Prior to this, octopus was the oddest thing I’d ever tried. People have bone marrow biopsies! Bone marrow transplants. And I was volunteering to eat it, rather than donate it.

I said a quick prayer for my bravery. Then I scooped it with my spoon– the texture made me bristle a bit! It was a dark brown, … the consistency is what I imagine fat might be like. As I smeared it on my toast, it looked more like snot! Spongy tissue.

I decided not to think about it, closed my eyes, and chewed. The texture was odd, but it was good! I de-marrowed two of the bones and felt like a Viking!!

I am a culinary warrior! I survived bone marrow toast.

Thank God I also had root beer– SOMETHING familiar.

I also tried some mussels, my second time for that. And I had ordered a plate of tempura green beans. Those were familiar.


2 comments on “Bone Marrow Toast: I Survived!

  1. bone marrow broth, toast, plain! Love bone marrow 🙂 thanks for sharing your adventure!

    • Broth, eh? Sounds like you’re more of a culinary warrior than myself! I’ve been talking to my friends and apparently this is more popular than I thought! I even have a gourmet friend who knows how to make it. I’ll try it again, thanks wretchedshekels!

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