Opposites Attract: I Like ‘Em Different!

If I’ve learned anything about love, it’s that we have NO control over it!

We do not fall for those we WANT– but those who we NEED.

I believe that the partners that are brought into our lives all have a lesson to teach us. And sometimes that lesson is begotten by the most surprising people, in circumstances we could have never foreseen.

That’s what’s awesome about God. He is full of surprises.

Thus far, I have been given relationships with people absolutely opposite from me. I’m so used to that, I’m not even sure what I would DO with a person who has a lot in common with me! It feels foreign, actually.

I think I might PREFER opposites. I like the way they challenge me. It keeps the relationship fresh– you always have difference perspectives, and enrich each other. Together, you balance each other.

For the first time I’ve got men lined up who are exactly what I THINK m looking for– and it’s honestly a bit overwhelming.

In person, you’re attracted to a person’s ENERGY. You don’t meet someone and think, “Is he Catholic?”

You think, “WOW! Who is THAT?! Gosh, he’s cute… ”

I have to ask myself, IS it truly mandatory that I have a partner who shares my faith? Do they need to have ANY faith?

I feel like I’m really limiting myself. And admittedly, like I HAVE limited myself.

The most fun I ever had in dating was never actually labeled “dating.” In fact, his mantra was “We’re not dating.”

It frustrated me endlessly, but it also freed me.

It was a friendship that just ignited. Since there was no definition, there were no “rules.” And it was so much fun that I didn’t honestly CARE about his faults– because all I could see were his strengths. We never defined what what happening, or even recognized an “us”– but somehow it was more authentic that way. I could be bitter that it ended and he decided to finally commit to someone else– but I’m not.

Because he’s not a terrible person for choosing someone else. And I’m just so grateful for everything that we shared and the difference it made in my life. And in a way, what he felt for me doesn’t truly matter. Even if he never felt the same way I did, the experience I had by caring about HIM was worth it.

The ways he stretched my mind and especially my heart– just by being himself, and also believing in me.

I’ve been a bit like Forrest Gump when it comes to love. I think he’s got the right idea. Just go with it.

Love is like a box of chocolates! You can’t tell by looking if you’re going to like the person or not.

You just have to keep trying different flavors– and enjoy the adventure.

Maybe you’ll find ONE flavor you want forever– or maybe you don’t, but treasure each one.

But that’s how God works.  I’m learning to trust Him more– and be more open-minded about who I date.


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