A Second Chance and a Promise

I went to give Holy Communion for the second time today to the woman I’ve been assigned, along with her daughter.

I felt terrible, because I had broken my promise to see her last time. I didn’t even call– I just overslept, and was too chicken to tell her or face up.

I thought about Sister Bea, and how she said this is something I shouldn’t do unless I’m truly committed. And I worried that maybe I had been replaced– maybe someone ELSE would be assigned to her. Sister Bea trusted me to follow through. What if she called and told me that I had blown my chance, and I wouldn’t be able to do this for anyone else either?

I decided to be pro-active. I got up and went to the weekday Mass at Father’s house– and brought my pix with me. That’s the container where I keep the hosts safe until I can bring them. I got there just as it was ending, but in enough time to ask him for two hosts– and he obliged me.

He thanked me for my service, and gave me a flyer to bring as well. Something he had promised them.

I then gathered my courage and called– and she agreed to let me visit today. Thirty minutes.

I went, and was very glad I did.

She doesn’t talk much. She is very patient.

She did ask where I had been– but not with anger.

She forgave me right away.

I fumbled my way through it again. I tried to make small talk.

She thanked me. She doesn’t see well, so reading isn’t really something she does. She has a hard time getting around, which is why she doesn’t go to Mass. There was no bitterness when she talked about her limitations– just fact.

And I thought how she is at a stage in her life where she is no dependent on others to do basic things– like transport her, and bring her Holy Communion– and read to her.

And I felt terrible for letting her down. I felt privileged for not losing the opportunity.

And I promised to come again this Sunday, since I will be going on a brief vacation. I want to make up the time.

She said that would be fine.

I won’t let her down again.


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