I Will Rejoice: Humility and A New Commitment

Mass today was amazing.

There was a retired priest from Chicago giving the Homily– and I’ve never seen anything like it! He was SO on fire for God today. 

A lot of times, I can’t hear much at Mass– which is honestly a lot of the reason I haven’t gone faithfully. I have to be sitting right in the front to completely hear, and even then it’s still like a game of Hangman, trying to fill in the missing words. 

I missed a lot of what he said. But I was in between two people who stood beside me as if they were my own parents. They love me unconditionally, just like parents. 

And I heard some phrases– the priest talked about not being “couch-potato Catholics,”– about reaching out and helping people. Inviting someone to church-doing something for others, talking about our faith. 

He wasn’t just delivering a Homily– he was PREACHING. And I admit, I’ve never truly seen this before. Us Catholics are pretty conversative! We don’t typically raise our voices in church. But he had a rhythm, it was like MUSIC. There was an older man two pews in front of me who would stomp his feet– like a drum. 

It was like a rock concert, for God. Just one man singing– in PRAISE.

He invited us all to come forward and pray for someone. 

“Bring them in your heart,” he said. I stepped forward, along with with probably at least 30 people, maybe 40. We raised our hands, bowed our heads– and prayed. 

I wanted to cry! 

I pray all the time, but I need to REJOICE more. 

This is the Year of Faith. 

He told us that it’s not just our priests that have a responsibility toward social justice and mercy and community service. 

And I was nervous about giving Holy Communion for the first time in probably… 10 years?

I used to be a Eucharistic Minister. But I wasn’t good about getting up on time– I had problems getting to sleep, and also was lazy about waking up. I stopped because I didn’t want to disappoint my parish. 

Two weeks ago, I went with a nun to watch her. She “trained” me– showed me to do, went over the book with me. I am going to the home of an elderly woman and her disabled daughter. They don’t have a ride to church. 

I’ve promised to visit them at least twice a month. 

I signed up for this in June with a different person, but never went. Sister Bea called me to check up on how it was going– and I admitted I hadn’t kept my commitment. 

She didn’t judge me. But I was ashamed.

I apologized. And as I talked, I realized that I didn’t feel worthy of administering this sacrament. 

It’s such a huge responsibility. And a huge honor. 

But no one is worthy. 

And we are chosen to serve. So, I decided to accept and do my best. 

And as I talked to this woman and her daughter, I fumbled through– but they were just glad I was there. The priest who had been previously visiting her hadn’t been there for two months until Sister Bea came to see her. All that time, she was deprived of this sacrament. Wow. And she had to be patient, until someone else volunteered.

And I felt better than I have in a really long time– doing something to help. Something that’s about God, not me.

And I promised I would come back in two weeks– and I will. 

And hopefully next time, I’ll be better prepared. I’ll pray about it. 

But in the meantime, I’m glad that I have this opportunity. I’m glad they trust me.


One comment on “I Will Rejoice: Humility and A New Commitment

  1. Love love love it! That’s the beauty of God’s grace. It’s unreservedly poured out the most when we feel the least worthy of it. Love you!

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