Smile, it’s Only Church

I went to Mass with my parents tonight in observance of the Assumption of Mary.

“Smile, it’s only church,” my step-mother said to my dad.

He cracked a grin and laughed a little bit.

She then got a very serious look on her face, imitating my dad’s usual face.

I couldn’t help it– I giggled a bit too.

Their marriage works because they tease each other– every day, they laugh.

Sounds like a recipe for happiness to me. 🙂

We sang the hymns, and one of them was “Hail, Holy Queen.”

I remembered this song from “Sister Act,” and giggled a bit to myself.

I sang a little louder, rocking a bit. My Aunt Mary Jane, a Catholic nun, loved this movie. She passed in 2010. I felt her with me in that moment.

She was like a mother to me, in many ways.

Tonight I felt connected to the Blessed Mother, my step-mother, and my aunt, who we usually just called “Sister.” Pretty fantastic.

Thanks, Mary!


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