With Spring, Follows Humor and Social Amee!

I’ve gotten too intellectual and serious with this blog lately. All about feelings.

I thought about trying some fiction, but changed my mind. I want to write about what’s happening–out there, not inside my brain.

I’m going to try and infuse more humor.

What I’m really best at is storytelling– about events in my life. In a narrative fashion.

I’ve been a lot less social.

I’ve been re-reading some of my early posts here, and they are so different– so much shorter. They keep my attention better.

So with spring, I’m gonna try something new!

Instead of getting all introspective– I’m going to go out in the world and return with stories. Put those old journalism skills to work!

Hell, maybe I’ll even do quick interviews with people.

This blog is whatever I want it to be. I don’t have to write about myself.

I can write about what I see. People I meet. It’s a perfect excuse to meet people!


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