First Uphill Run

Oh, I am loving spring!

I went to a different place today to run. 

And I challenged myself. Instead of walking the steep hill, I jogged it. And later when the trail diverged into different paths and I was afraid I would get lost– I didn’t turn back. I kept going. I didn’t ask anyone for help– and I rested when I needed. 

It’s perfect right now– there aren’t many families out yet in the woods. There aren’t too many bugs– I don’t even have to put on OFF! (Come summer, it will be my perfume!) Not too hot or even humid. Green abounds, the trees are budding, and flowers burst at every turn. The rich soil at my feet invites me to keep going– the colors, the sounds. 

And for a second when I was lost, I did momentarily panic– but then I just stopped and breathed. And remembered that I only had to go back up that same big hill to reach my car. There was a man riding his bike– I had seen him on the trail. He zoomed down the hill, I could hear him whizzing by me. He rode alongside me as he climbed back up the hill, saying hello. A quick chat passed between us, and then we both went on to continue the climb.

I decided to stop walking and start running. 

And that was the best part– the uphill climb at the end. I ran on the balls of my feet. Not sure if my “form” is correct, but I feel like my posture must be good. I carry myself better when I’m running. 

And I’m going to keep going back, especially to that big hill. 


One comment on “First Uphill Run

  1. mancuso79 says:

    I wish I was athletic like you. I need loud electronic and/or heavy metal pumping through the house to make it an hour on the eliptical.

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