I’ll Skip the Hustle, Thanks

This morning I was my usual absentminded self, and put my phone on top of my car. I was going to work, and had just wrapped up a conversation while I was loading my purse in the passenger seat.

And yeah! I couldn’t find my phone anywhere when I got to work– but I did find it when I came home. In the street. Smashed. And I mean BROKEN. Woo! It still lights up, but the glass is so broken I can’t slide it without cutting myself. (It’s an iPhone.)

So after that, I went straight to the store to get a replacement. And WOW, did I get hustled. The sales girl walked up to me right away, and steered me directly toward a cover that’s water-proof and also apparently indestructible. It was set up right by the door.

I was annoyed. We hadn’t even talked about my phone yet and she’s already pulling this?

I shut that down right away, and said I just want to take care of my phone first. She was disappointed, but dutifully took me to the counter to examine it.

This girl was absolutely shameless. One thing after another– she tried to hurry me through all the details of replacing the phone. I wasn’t sure that’s what I wanted at first– I asked when I was due for an upgrade. Not till August. She wanted me to sign off on my replacement phone before I had even asked her that! Soooo smooth.

Then she wanted me to sign a statement saying all the terms and details had been presented to me– when they hadn’t. And then press the “next” button, to complete the sale. I asked to see the details about the price first, and she was annoyed. At every turn, I blocked her.

I did agree to it.

Then she tried to hustle me into buying the case I was shown upon first walking in- which is $89.  Ha! I’ve had this phone for over two years now, with a regular case– and this is the first time it’s been even cracked.

(A fun tidbit– the phone may be ruined, but the Obama case is intact!) That’s my president!

When we first went to discuss my phone, she was talking up her Android phone, and how cool it is. Then when I said later on that I’m not sure I wanted to stay with an iPhone since I have an upgrade coming this summer, she tried to tell me that the 5 isn’t any better than what I’ve got. That if I spent the $89 on this case, I wouldn’t NEED to replace the phone– it would last longer.

She must have been new. So desperate to close the sale! She flip-flopped more than John Kerry. I told her I wanted to pay my bill and think about it for a minute. I left to do that.

She went to consult her supervisor and then came back, saying that he is willing to let me use HIS discount for 25% off– practically nothing– so it would be $65.

“This NEVER happens,” she said. And of course– the discount would expire tonight. She refused to back up, even. Standing way too close.

“No thanks,” I said.

That girl hates me, I’m sure. But honey, I know your game.

I’m in sales too.

And I never treat my customers the way she does. I listen first to find out what they actually WANT, and I don’t sell them things that they don’t need. I’m not pushy. If they are getting antsy, I give them space–physical space and some time to think. I don’t just keep talking faster and amp up the aggression.

Those behaviors may close a sale, but they’re manipulative as hell.

I don’t close every sale I approach– but I’m proud of that. I’m not out to throw my customers under the bus for my own profit. And I’m still ranked as one of highest in my region.

This girls certainly has no qualms about doing her job– she was born for sales.

But she’s got a lot to learn about how to read people if she wants to be GOOD at it.

However, she did get in a parting shot!

She somehow tricked me into buying a package of three film covers for $15 on my way out– to “protect” my already broken phone for the maybe 48 hours I’ll have it until I get the replacement.

Oh well! I’ll use the same (Obama!) case for the new phone– slip on one of these sticky jobbies to protect the face of it, and be VIGILANT about keeping it on my person and NOT on top of my car!

And in August, I’ll decide what kind of case I want.


3 comments on “I’ll Skip the Hustle, Thanks

  1. mancuso79 says:

    And this is why I stay with my true blue, ghetto service Boost Mobile!

    • Haha, ghetto phones! Might be a good idea for me. My contract is ridiculously expensive.

      • mancuso79 says:

        I just dont see the need for a smartphonefor myself. Especially since I got my brother a new relay service for phone calls, we have no need to be part of the trendy a.k.a. the mainstream. A quote for you from the master George Carlin. “You know why they call it mainstream? Because it’s so shallow”.

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