When You’re a Writer– and how to Deal with Us

A friend told me this morning that she’s “not much of a writer,” and asked me if eventually the ideas will come spilling forth out of her head, so that she can write.

I told her that if she wants to write, just do it.

But to truly Write– you must let go.  Let go of your fears, and let your unconscious mind drive.  Dare to go wherever it leads. Just when you’re feeling uncomfortable– that’s when it’s getting good. That’s when you should force yourself to stay. When others are uncomfortable, that’s when you’ve struck something real. They don’t want to think about it. You’re forcing them to question themselves.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

And if you truly are meant to do it, you will fall in love with writing. It will become the thing you would never sacrifice for anyone, a non-negotiable aspect of your being and routine.

It’s something you will think about constantly, you will have a romantic attachment to your journal or computer. You will pine for paper or an internet connection, and get antsy if you’re separated for too long. You will gorge yourself on words and books, always wanting more. Your money will be spent on these materials, as well as paper and whatever implements you need to compose. You will enjoy being other people, but will always long to return to Writing– like a lover. You will want to be alone with your imagination and your chosen writing implements and medium of composition. You will want to spend hours doing it, everyday. Whenever possible, wherever.

When Writing, there is always a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door.

Writers are unpredictable creatures. But if you’re lucky, we will compensate by sharing our work with you– that’s the key to our heart. Showing you our unedited work, or giving it away without keeping a copy for ourselves. There is no greater act of intimacy. And if we write about you and publish it, we are immortalizing you. Be it praise or scorn, and whether it was written years ago or recently does not matter.

At one point in time, you mattered to us.


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