First Semi-Sun Spring Run

It’s kinda sunny-ISH

And I broke out in a sprint around my neighborhood. It was about 10 minutes. I’ll do that two more times today, and then that’ll get my 30 minutes in. Woo!

Heart rate up, legs work, lungs pump. I wore two layers on top for warmth and some shorts– that kept me awake! I think the shock of the cold makes me run faster. A thermal shirt, light hoodie, and scarf have been working for me lately. Fingerless gloves and a knit hat if needed.

I can’t time myself yet because I don’t have a fancy timer watch doohickey yet. It’s on the list!

Maybe I’ll run longer a little later– I gotta do something to stay awake! No napping, I’m staying on schedule tonight. Sleepy as heck after last night– I REALLY notice the difference now if I don’t get my rest. Funny, that used to be my lifestyle. Now even one night, and I feel ridiculously off-kilter.

Tonight, I’m GONNA make it to choir practice. YES YES. Better drink lots o’ water, since I can’t have tea! (Crackin’ down on caffeine, I’mma do it!)

I can also really feel the difference in my mood from just a short run. I’m so grateful to be healthy enough to indulge myself in this way– to run, as fast as I dare. Until I can’t anymore.

But I’m not trying to be crazy right now– just healthy. More consistent.


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