This Little Golden Cross

I like wearing it all the time.

In my younger days, I changed necklaces often. Not expensive ones– just costume jewelry.

But for quite awhile now– probably a few years– I’ve usually been wearing a cross necklace. I have about four that I alternate, all of them gifts.

I DO wear costume jewelry sometimes, but try to wear a cross necklace underneath. I feel guilty if I don’t! Yup, I’m pretty Catholic.

But my favorite one is the gold cross. I’m not sure who gave it to me, but my Dad thinks it was Sister, my aunt who was a nun.

The other cross necklaces all have some kind of issue– the chain isn’t the right length. Or the clasp on the necklace comes loose and it falls off the chain. The chain itself doesn’t stay hooked, and it comes undone as I’m wearing it.

But I’ve noticed that I never have any problems with this necklace.

I didn’t wear it for awhile last week– just to see if I felt any different.

And I did. I was more troubled. I doubted myself constantly. I just seemed to have all kinds of bad luck and bad energy coming towards me.

Some people don’t believe in Satan, but I do. And I truly believe that wearing this cross is protection against anything he may try.

My religion has always been a fundamental, non-negotiable aspect of my identity. I’m tolerant of a lot of different types of people, but one thing I always demand is that they respect that I’m Catholic. I don’t care if they’re non-believers, or Christians of a different denomination– I accept them without judgement  as long as they good people who treat me well. But I will not put up with them hassling me about my beliefs. Trying to break my faith, or convert me to theirs.

Maybe it’s time that I start wearing this necklace every day. I wonder what changes that would bring in my life?

This particular cross feels like a lucky charm.

Not saying that I’ll never get another cross or wear anything different. But for now, this one feels like the right one to be wearing.

It’s shiny. I like that the first thing people will see about me is that I’m a believer.

I feel an instant camaraderie whenever I see other people wearing a cross or a crucifix necklace.   Or if they have Christian-themed tattoos, whatever the design.

If I got some ink, it would probably a Catholic image of some sort, or maybe a scripture.

I never wonder about the details. If we all believe in God, what else matters?

Scapulars, medals and those little wooden bracelets with icon stickers are distinctly Catholic, unless it’s Greek Orthodox, because they have their own saints. I like those too.

Sometimes we smile at each other and nod. Sometimes there’s a comment.

But always, I feel safer knowing that in this unstable world there are so many others out there who believe what I do– that we need to serve others, pray, and ask for strength in Him.


3 comments on “This Little Golden Cross

  1. mancuso79 says:

    I am far from religious. But it is nice to see someone just have their faith without having to amplify it to the masses.

    • I’m blogging about it, so I guess that’s something. I’ve also got a Rosary as my Timeline cover right now on facebook! But in my daily life, I’m not pushy about it. I try to lead by an example of quiet faith, tolerance, and forgiveness. Sometimes I work really hard on that, and sometimes, I can’t always muster forgiveness. But in those cases, I pray for the people who hurt me and that they find peace in their own lives as well.

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