First Run in the Rain

Today I did it!

It was a short run– I wasn’t bundled up well enough. Not quite 30 mins. But I ran along a trail near a canal– the trail was closed. I didn’t care. I ran around it.

The water was so loud– much higher than usual. It must have been closed last week when it surely flooded over the bridge– but currently, it was okay.

The parking lot was empty— normally there was at least SOMEONE there.

The solitude was fantastic. Even being cold was fantastic!


I loved the MUD.

Deliberately squishing my bright shoes into it, feeling it give underneath my footfalls.

Running where I’m not supposed to go. I felt like such a rebel. YES.

I thought about trying to leap over a wooden sign standing a barricade— but that just seemed like a good way to break my leg. I’m short, and I’m no trained sprinter on a track. So I just ran around it.

You can’t always leap over obstacles–sometimes you need to circumvent them a safer way.

But regardless, I did. And ooh, it was delicious.

It made me sweat, and I was cold because of the rain.

Probably my most intense run so far, actually– because of the trail. It felt more like an obstacle course.

My shoes aren’t so pretty anymore– they’re a bit wet. They have mud in the tracks.

THIS is more like it.


One comment on “First Run in the Rain

  1. You’re one bad mamma jamma!! Proud of you just for getting out there! Pushing boundaries & finding you’re capable of so much more than you knew!

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