On Mercy

I’ve talked a lot about forgiveness this year.

But truly, what I hold dear to me is the conscious choice of mercy.

That’s something reserved for only an elite few in the realm of my heart. That includes both friends and relationships.

Mercy is choosing to forgive *not* because the person deserves it– but because you see the big picture. Because you know whatever the sin was, it’s not indicative of their respect for you, or their character in general.

Mercy is a gift. Mercy is a choice. Mercy is an unconditional acceptance of someone’s faults.

I’ve only learned it because I was raised with so much love at home.

I learned it because I’ve been given mercy in my friendships.

I learned it because I was lucky enough to receive mercy in a few precious relationships, when I said something mean or impulsively broke up with someone I cared deeply about.

Mercy is when you contact someone  you’re estranged from, and they are glad. There’s no suspicion. There’s no drama. They don’t ask why you’re contacting them– you just have a normal conversation.

In minutes, you can be laughing. You’re just glad to talk again.


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