On Compassion

I’ve obviously been lax in keeping my Lent promise — either of them. Not to blog, and then to blog.

But I’m okay with that. I’m going to be forgiving of myself this year. Lent is the season of penance and reflection– but it doesn’t call for us to berate ourselves for being human. When I do blog, I will do it mindfully. I resolve to be patient and compassionate with myself.

Most of my posts here are more thoughtful and I just haven’t had much to say. I don’t always feel like sharing– no one sees the vast majority of my writing. It’s just for me. I write primarily to record the narrative of my life, and for the feeling of catharsis that comes with revealing the truth to myself via self-expression on paper. 

On a frigid February days like this, I love going to the laundromat. 

I have so many ideas. Fantastic ideas!! I like to sit quietly whilst my wash is going, and scribble away. I love to people watch. I like to be quiet.

And I have some ideas about the future of Unrelenting Amee, which I’m keeping to myself.

But my j-school reunion is coming up, I’m excited! I can’t wait to network. 


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