Impulse Movie

I love last-minute plans with friends.

Funny how you have some friends where by definition, ALL of your plans are spontaneous. You try to plan things more than a day in advance, but it never works. But when you wing it, within hours or minutes, you find some adventure to do together! 

Tonight was one of those times, and it worked perfect.

My friend Jenny texted me tonight and asked if I wanted to go see “Warm Bodies,” — since she knows I’m kind of a fan. Her reactions were great, I was so glad she liked it as much as I did. It takes all the fun away if one of you really doesn’t get it or lacks enthusiasm. 

I like going to movies with people who don’t sit there silently the whole time. I like to lean in and giggle and make commentary, and loathe getting sushed! If I wanted to be all stoic about it, I’d just go alone! I like to feel like I’m there sharing the experience WITH someone, and that goes for theatre events especially. 

Tonight was a quick thing, just perfect. I’m tired, and tomorrow my boss will be at my work!



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