40 Days of Unrelenting Bloggery!

I didn’t even last a day without my blog!

I just love it too much. I decided to change up my Lent promise. Instead of depriving myself of something I love, I’m going to indulge and commit!

I will blog every day of Lent. This blog is my Valentine, how could I abandon it now?? I’m just not ready to be apart from it right now.

Right now I’m in Chicago, taking myself on a date! I didn’t buy a heart balloon, but I did spend the day doing things I love. I got my nails done, bright red! Way more glam and fun than a balloon. I impulsively went to the city and took myself to a coffee shop I’ve always wanted to go to, and now I’m at a bar, about to try a delicious V-Day dessert.

Solo. And it’s glorious!

I’ve come such a long way since I started this blog two years ago… and I’m truly at peace right now and enjoying myself. Now, time to dig in!


2 comments on “40 Days of Unrelenting Bloggery!

  1. A nice twist on Lent. I like the idea of commitment and adding to the world through regular writing.

  2. ffelker says:

    Not everything we love is bad for us.

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