Warm Bodies: the novel

I’ve now seen the movie four times.

And I’m almost done with the novel by Isaac Marion…. a bit sad. It’s beyond stellar.

And so much richer than the movie– as expected.

Don’t worry, I won’t get into spoilers. I did that when I wrote about the movie, and I apologize. I was so excited! I was hoping someone would comment on it– no dice.

The only thing I’ll say about the novel is that the character of Perry Kelvin, Julie’s Living boyfriend, is much more present in the novel. In the movie he’s very one-dimensional, to R’s pursuit of Julie more sympathetic. In the book, Julie is much more of a smart-ass– and a better character for it. Sometimes she drops f-bombs. She’s not the sweet girl in the movie.

But seriously, read the book. In the book, Perry is a writer. And I find I like him a lot more.

Just like with every book I read, I find myself circling delectable words and underlining passages I particularly like. Talking back in marginalia. This is why library books don’t work for me. I want to have a conversation with my books.

My favorite books, I read again and again.

Some books–very few– are too boring to finish. Others I get through, but then am done. They’re like random people you meet, but have no desire to befriend. You learn something from them or have a brief interaction– but there’s no meaning behind it. Maybe you’ll see them again, maybe you won’t. Those are the books I give away.

But this book is something special.

It’s about feeling disconnected from society, about feeling torn between choosing a practical career or something that you enjoy, and about the transformative nature of love.

It’s hopeful and funny and stark at the same time.

Just like real life, whether you’re Living or Dead.


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