Answered Prayers?

This is a question, if anyone cares to volunteer an answer in the comments. 

There’s something I’ve been praying about a long time, and I haven’t received what I consider a full answer. But yet, the urge to pray for this has not left me. More than anything, I think I consider THAT my answer. I feel that I’m on the verge of taking action soon. 

How do you feel like your prayers have been “answered?”



One comment on “Answered Prayers?

  1. I guess this is why it is suggested you not pray for specific things. Sometimes, when I think my prayers haven’t been answered, it’s really I didn’t get the answer I wanted. Maybe, God wants me to reach a point where I can solve my own problems, or use the intelligence He gave me to make a decision in my own best interest. Sounds great, but then there are all the fears to deal with: failure, rejection, catastrophe. A lady I met in a wheelchair once said “Overanalysis breeds paralysis”, maybe you’re not “getting” a full answer because you aren’t ready for the answer, or to stop praying on this particular issue. I would keep at it. When a decision is right, you feel it–maybe God gives us intuition about things to push us in the right direction when we ask for some. I noticed my prayers being answered when I stopped living my life the way I wanted to, and started living my life the way God teaches me to. I heard a commercial on the radio once that said “What are you going to do when you get to heaven and have to tell God you never read his book?” My New Year’s Resolution that year was to read 10 chapters a night, which I did, until June when I became sick & had to miss work for a week–God gave me time to finish it then. He knew how much I needed to at that point in my life. Anyway, after reading it, I wished I had done it in high school–there is so much good advice there! I could have avoided a lot of heartache if I had read & applied it to my life sooner. Anyway, when the student is ready……..

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