Santa’s Late Delivery…. Snow!!

Yesterday, I jokingly posted a Facebook status about how Santa hadn’t done his job on Christmas, and he owed us some snow for NYE!

Snow that sticks. Because we got a teensy bit, but it melted within an hour.

My wish came true, and I was alerted by Facebook notification when my friend Jen tagged me in a post saying, “Snow! Thanks Amee for asking Santa for the white stuff.”

And I was giddy!

Now this isn’t a lot, but it’s still out there!


The funny thing is, minutes after I posted that yesterday I walked outside to feel gentle flakes falling. But it was baby snow. So small and light, just barely visible. I knew not to expect much. It didn’t feel like this was THE snow I had wished for… but just a sign. A sign that God was listening. A playful confirmation that yes, someone is listening.

And today, I got what I wanted! It’s not “packing snow,” that glorious heavy moist substance. But it’s enough to do cartwheels in, and skid around in my pink snowpants. Yes, pink snowpants. I’m praying that it hold until after work tonight, so I can frolic in it. My friend Christine and I have a standing date to celebrate the first snowfall. I’m hoping a more generous one follows, but but this is what we’ve got to start!!

My new motto for 2013:

Play in the snow you are given.


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