In case the world ends…

I’m blogging.

And watching the new “Jane Eyre,” movie, because I just finished the book this week.

And making mac n’ cheese one more time, because my friend Kaela had a fun idea to do that at her place, and I think that’s hilarious.

And I’m just being thankful, for the incredible life I have. For my family, and my friends, and the gifts I enjoy and even the discontent which fuels me toward change.

Tonight, we FINALLY got some snow!! Not nearly enough to stick, or to begin my Midnight Snow Angel tradition with Christine, but enough to make me squeal with delight.

I ventured outside and saw giant wet flakes, and I smiled like a five-year-old. Dashing back inside to my job, I said, “It’s SNOWING!”

“Only *you* would be excited about that, Amee,” a co-worker said, rolling her eyes with a little smile.

At least I got to see snow one more time…

in case the world ends. 😉



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