Thrift Store Score!

After donating some clothes and boots I don’t wear any more at a local thrift store, I decided to peruse myself.

And since I still use a boombox with cassette tapes and have a car with a tape deck in it, I checked the tape selection.

I feel like I hit the FREE PARKING in Monopoly!

I left with these soundtracks and albums of nostalgic treasure:

1. ANNIE THE MOVIE– I squealed to myself when I spied this! Annie has been my favorite movie since 1982, and when I believe it’s the first movie I remember seeing as a toddler. I know every single word of every single song and listening to this makes me ridiculously happy. I still have the original vinyl record! I had the tape for years until a friend in college borrowed it and then broke it. She promised to buy me a CD to replace it, but never did. I was so mad at her, I’d had that tape my whole life! That was in 2000, and now I happened upon another Annie tape!

Annie makes excellent cleaning music. 🙂

2. Reality Bites Soundtrack– Another of my favorite movies, full of bad ass ’90s music!! Especially appropriate since in May I bought a “new” car, which I named Winona because I felt like Winona Ryder’s character  in the movie– who drives an old car and has a shag haircut. Now my shag haircut has grown out (FINALLY!!) but I still love this car, and will always love the character of Laney in this movie.  (Although I have also finally outgrown my “bad boy artist” phase of dating.)  At last! Now I can listen to the soundtrack of the movie which inspired my car’s identity, and the circle of joy is complete!

3. An Officer and a Gentleman Soundtrack– iconic ’80s romantic fluff, self-explanatory!

4. Go West Young Man, Michael W. Smith– Reminds me of my high school youth group days! It doesn’t have the one song I was really hoping to find on it, “Friends,” but it does have “A Place in this World.”  I remember a retreat I went to once, and “A Place in this World,” was the theme. Since I’ve been getting back into Catholicism lately, listening to some old-school Christian music seems just the right thing to do.

5. Like a Prayer single, Madonna– Again, with the Catholicism theme! I’ve grown up with this song, and it’s still awesome decades later. It’s also got a song called Act of Contrition on it, which I’ve never heard. Woo hoo!

It doesn’t take much to make me happy, just simple joys like this.


One comment on “Thrift Store Score!

  1. mancuso79 says:

    Excellent choices. I still pull out the tapes from time to time & throw them on the house stereo. Although I probably won’t ever perform in public again, I can still rock out to Frankie Goes to Hollywood while cleaning the house.

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