Forced Library Visitation

I just did something I haven’t done in ages: checked out library books.

I like libraries, because they are quiet and filled with books. But I usually only go to scour the sale carts, or use the computer when mine isn’t working. I’ve learned to just avoid checking out books because I always have late fees– I don’t want to give them back. I also hate checking books out because I like to write in them, interact with the text. I’m all about the marginalia! I want to underline, circle, highlight and have a conversation!

But my budget does not support my book habit– so here I am, humbly.

I’m assembling my own reading lists on topics that interest me: nonfiction only.

Right now, I’m interested in reason– not fantasy.

I enjoy literature and fiction because I find the diction enchanting. I like all the pretty words, the characters.

But now I just want facts. I’m reading to learn.


One comment on “Forced Library Visitation

  1. mancuso79 says:

    I’m still trying to work through the books here at the house. Hopefully libraries will still be around when I’m through.

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