President Obama: I don’t want this to be over!

Watching Obama just now, I was crying.

I remembered how much hope I had in 2004 when he was the keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention. In 2008, when he won the election on my 28th birthday.

This man is so HUMAN. I love that he and Michelle are equals, that they are openly affectionate and flirt with each other. There was no desperation. He knows he doesn’t gave the game won yet– but he believes in us. I love that he acknowledged his own failure, and quoted Abraham Lincoln in a way that was just right. I love that he gave thanks to US, that he is still humble. I feel that Barack Obama GETS what America is about, and I like everything about his vision for where it should go.

I want him to lead us there. I cried when Kerry Lost. When Gore lost.

This time, I cried because Obama DID win. And I want him to keep his job.


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