Common Sense #11: on bi-partisan tolerance, and a very amusing headline

Here’s the column I was all giddy about in my last post:

Ta-DA! Enjoy, and please comment about your experiences!


5 comments on “Common Sense #11: on bi-partisan tolerance, and a very amusing headline

  1. mancuso79 says:

    An excellent article. It seems all too often in the 21st century that people utilize the freedom of speech that technology allows, and yet disregard the responsibility that is necessary when exercising said freedom.

    • Thanks! Good point, I agree. And too many people use digital technology to control conversations, especially when they are emotional or an issue needs to be discussed. I resent when people do that. Conversations usually go from bad to worse in those situations, when a phone call or face to face conversation gives you a fair chance of resolution.

      • mancuso79 says:

        Dont look at me. I’m too 20th century. I would prefer if I only had to text one person. My brother. And thats because he’s deaf. I see people trading emotions in conversation for convenience in conversation.

  2. polkadotdog says:

    I enjoyed the column. And it’s true that we cant ignore talking politics even with complete strangers. I have a friend who was raised on one side but after college switched to the other after research and life experience. No one yelled her into changing her mind.

  3. Thanks! My editor smashed together a few of my graphs and there are two huge run-on sentences because of it, grr! lol I would never use that many commas. Good point about politics being inevitable conversation with strangers. I’m like your friend– going to college completely changed my political views. And thus, I am totally different from the views of my parents. It was a defining moment of my life. Good for your friend, for opening her mind! Yelling never works. Thanks again for the comment. 🙂

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