Getting past the shame of using the “v-word” : AKA VAGINA!!

Here it is.  Read it and say it with me, “vagina.”

C’mon, you can do it!

My column about- yup– vaginas:

To add some context:

Here is what Reps. Lisa Brown and Barb Byrum actually SAID, according to CNN.

For more information, check out Vaginas Take Over the Capitol on fb,  see for yourself  the glory of the V-Day team’s performance in Michigan,  a video of the V-Day team’s performance, THIS.  Or sign a petition in support of Rep. Lisa Brown

Also, for word count I wasn’t able to get in our Big Three, the Chief Vaginas — but here they are:

Executive Creative Director, Dulcinea Hawkworth; Assistant Director, Michael Sansone; Assistant Producer, Nicole Rousonelos.



6 comments on “Getting past the shame of using the “v-word” : AKA VAGINA!!

  1. mancuso79 says:

    Seriously? Vagina? This is becoming a hot button topic? Wow. Well, although I am an immense fan of the vagina, I was not created with one. So I am at a disadvantage as to its’ strength as a word. But to those that limit this or any other words use, may I say, “you’re all a bunch of c#*!s”.

    • YES!!! “Re-claiming cunt,” is one of the best monologues in the show! You get to lead the audience in a chant, it’s magical. If you haven’t seen it yet, go!

      • mancuso79 says:

        In all honesty, I am more drawn to the comedy of Jim Jefferies. Only an Australian-born comic can bring understanding to the word cunt.

  2. People need to stop being so precious. It’s a vagina, not an evil alien being hell-bent on destroying the universe.

    Another great column, Ms Bohrer.

  3. polkadotdog says:

    Read the article and was surprised to find out about the mishap the first night you preformed in the Vagina Monologues.
    I wish you could have put what Lisa Brown said in the column. I don’t know if this was edited by you or the paper. She made a clear stand that we don’t see a lot of state representatives make fueled out of her passion against the restrictions on abortion providers.
    The word vagina definitely should not be silenced, I propose a Vagina game on playgrounds instead of “Penis!”

    • Yup, that moment of dropping character is one I’ll never forget. But now almost nothing mortifies me anymore. Not much can top that!!

      And my column ran virtually unedited, it was my choice not to include Rep. Brown’s quote. And although I fully applaud her statement, it detracted from the points I wanted to make. True, it is a very strong statement– but I didn’t want to write about abortion, nor focus on Rep Brown exclusively. Rep. Byrum’s ban was equally important and needed to be included. The abortion debate about HB 5711 was the catalyst, not the subject.

      Rather, I wanted to encompass a broader perspective– of how these women were united in protesting the ban. I wanted to address freedom of speech, the enduring stigma of the the word “vagina,” and the life-changing impact of performing myself in “The Vagina Monologues.” To show that when I faltered on speaking the same word they were banned for speaking, I received the same support.

      And finally, I wanted to show that the courage of Reps. Brown and Byrum empowered me to test my own boundaries of freedom of speech– by writing about vaginas in my hometown newspaper. It all came full circle.

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