Before the Storm

Within three hours, my column goes live online.

This time, I went political. The issue of censorship and stigmatization of a word that I don’t believe should be condemned motivated me.

I’ve never taken such a strong stand– and I’m a little nervous.  People will disagree with me.  How much, I can’t predict.

I had to get this idea and my draft approved by the managing editor–which has never happened before. That made me feel like a journalist.

But as a friend from j-school told me, “Tell the truth, and don’t be afraid.”  So I did.

The controversy I wrote about was convoluted, spanning several days. There just wasn’t room within my word count to explain it all or give all the context I wanted, but I did my best to distill it in clear language, and still tell the story I needed. That in itself was a phenomenal challenge, I discovered.

But I dared to write it, and that’s all that matters.


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