Get Outta My Dreams… and into my 90’s car!!

I own a new car, as of yesterday morning!

Okay, it’s a 1998. But it’s still da bomb!

I named her Winona, after my favorite actress. Winona Ryder defined the ’90s, and I’ve got several of her movies on VHS. I’ve got a haircut similar to her character Laney’s in Reality Bites– though not quite that long yet. But it’s very much a shag, as I painstakingly grow out my pixie cut from earlier this year.

And in the movie, Laney drives an old car, so it fits in this way as well. She is obsessed with Slurpees, and so I stopped and got myself the biggest frozen beverage I could find– 44 ounces. It wasn’t the equivalent size of Big Gulp, or even a Slurpee– but it was close enough. I mixed the blue raspberry and cherry flavors, and happily nestled it into the new cupholders. Laney also chain-smokes, but I’m not going that far! Gotta be nice to the lungs.

This car is perfect for me. I would have written my column about it, but it was after deadline.

An instant peace came over me when I got in to test drive it. This car felt like home.

On top of that, it’s barely got over 78,000 miles on it, and gets great gas mileage. Jackpot!

I loved everything about the interior– the gray color, the simple features. No confusing digital displays. No annoying buttons to move the seat forward; just a simple lever. Power windows and doors. I fit perfectly in the seat, and there are several spaces to put things, within easy reach. Eveything about this car is so conveinent! I can see over the steering wheel without a problem, there are almost no blindspots because the car is already low to the ground and compact rather than wide.

Best of all? It has a TAPE DECK. My original 1999 Neon came with one, and when it broke I had it replaced with a CD player. It always skipped anyway, so I don’t plan to do that with this car. Instead, I’m going to enjoy it as is, and play my old cassette tapes! I grabbed a random mix- Soul Asylum, U2, Wierd Al, the Pretty Woman soundtrack. Then I bought some new ones at a local thrift store– Melissa Etheridge, Bonnie Rait, Dolly Parton, Whitesnake, the Big Chill Soundtrack. I’ll just donate mine and swamp ’em out for different ones when I need a change– they barely cost anything!

One of my favorite tracks on the Dolly Parton tape was “The Light of a Clear Blue Morning.” I rolled the windows down all the way, laughed, and sang along with Dolly.

The sounds is great.

It was simply a phenomenal day. I drove around, reveling in my new ride. It’s a color I never would have sought out– I’d buy a metallic orange car if I could. But it’s a beautiful silver with a hint of blue. It’s gleaming with possibility and hope.

I got a great deal from a family friend, and she was happy to sell it to me. And although the car is 14 years old, it’s in stellar condition– the interior looks practically new, nothing is broken. There’s just a bit of a scratch on the bumper, but she covered it up pretty well with matching paint.

I’m thinking a fun political bumper sticker will do nicely to take care of that!

Last night, I drove up to see Leslie, a friend in Bolingbrook. She was so excited for me, and took pictures of me in my car! We drove to a Mexican restaurant and had a girls’ night dinner, listening to my tapes and giggling all the way. She gave me this fantastic collage she had found at a thrift store: all about celebrating yourself, discovery, and comprised of words and images that are exactly what I’m about! I can’t thank her enough, and am anxious to put it up at home. I’m glad Leslie was my first passenger, and equally excited about Winona!

I am grateful for this amazing find, and hope it lasts me another 100,000 miles at least!!

When I woke up this morning, I couldn’t wait to get up and drive!!!

By Thoth, I need to sign off. It’s a beautiful day and I’m restless to create some new adventures with Winona!


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