The Power of Applause

I’m still wired from how much fun I had tonight!!

I was in a nasty mood. I was worried about what someone thought of something I had just told them, feeling vulnerable.

I could have totally plugged my column, or this blog. But I didn’t give them my name– I just wanted to have fun. I made up something.

So funny, they probably would have been so surprised  about difference in tone from my act and how serious this blog can get.

And the things I talked about are things that piss me off and upset me in “real life”– but I made them funny. And through humor, exorcised some of that bitterness. I was vulnerable, in a public forum. And it brought joy not just to me– but to others. I emerged feeling wonderful.

The process was transformative.

THIS IS WHY people live to be on stage, to perform. Because truly, it’s healing.


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