… and the World Laughs with You

I tried stand-up comedy tonight for the first time!


Not long after posting that I need to laugh and relax to be inspired, a friend texted and invited me to a local open mic. She’s gone to Second City and is trying to break into the business, and I had gone to see her once before. She was great! I almost said no, but decided I needed some fun.

So I went. I had thought about getting onstage last time. Tonight, I just signed up.

I’ve been doing karaoke for 10 years now. I’ve read in the open mic — NOT the slam– at The Green Mill intermittently since 2004.

But nothing compared to this rush!!

I had nothing written down, no plan, and NO fear.

I just figured I would get up there and tell some stories that always get a great laugh. And surprisingly, I wasn’t even uncomfortable.

Me, the girl who blanked out on her monologue opening night two years ago during The Vagina Monologues. I froze.

Not tonight! It totally different, I felt so confident. No script, just telling my own stories.

They laughed at times I never expected, when I wasn’t even trying to be funny. I don’t know how long I talked, at least 10-15 minutes. I got some really good big laughs, I couldn’t believe it!

I joked about how my car had just died, being short, being deaf, and being single.  I kept it clean, and it was easy.

I’m gonna try this again!!

When I walked out, two guys were taking a smoke break and high-fived me.

I’m not about to become a career comic, but if *I* need to lighten up, I think this is a great way to do it.


17 comments on “… and the World Laughs with You

  1. mancuso79 says:

    I wish I was as brave as you. I miss performing.

    • Get back out there!! When I sing karaoke, I try out songs I’ve never done before– and some of them are EPIC failures. But it’s almost always funny. It’s not about being brave– it’s about being open.

      • mancuso79 says:

        I learned too much in my younger years to ever risk failing when I was onstage. But I can’t ignore the needs of my family now. I can’t jeporadize my responsibilities to them just to do what I always wanted to do.

      • Ahh, the reality of adulthood. Glad you’re committed to your family, and those memories are awesome. I miss doing theatre, but it’s too big of a commitment these days. Instead, I just sing a long really badly in my car and do karaoke. Ha!

  2. Brooke Skeen says:

    awesome amee :)! wish i coulda been there!

  3. eviljim says:

    Intense. I’ve only occasionally had to be the core focus on stage (MCing or introductions). I find it absolutely terrifying, as opposed to the pure joy of actually acting on stage. I get *sweaty*.

    The last thing I was in before I moved to NYC, I had to open the show every night in character. I was tasked with “making the audience care about me so they got upset when I died”.

    • Jim, that’s understandable. Maybe you’re more comfortable in a group dynamic, or doing something structured. I’m the exact opposite– I’m terrible with memorization and scripted material makes me anxious. And you’re great onstage, I remember! I hope you get back into it in NYC.

      Sounds like your last task before moving was a job only eviljim could do! How did you die? That sounds like fun!

      • eviljim says:

        Oh, I died tons of ways. I think my favorite was getting devoured… by a rock. In my defense, it *was* a sentient rock.

      • WOW. That *is* a fascinating way to die. I’ve never died onstage, but I DID get to do a scene from The Crucible in college and scream, “I saw ____ with The Devil!!” seven times– with seven different names. After lying there the whole time, I bolted up with a blood-curdling scream, and that was ALMOST as fun as dying onstage. *Oh, college!*

  4. Brooke, who knows! Maybe someday, you can be. 🙂 Although I really think it’d be a different story if a bunch of my friends and people I knew were in the audience. I knew three people, and the rest were strangers. They helped TREMENDOUSLY. When I froze a few years ago, I had 25 people there to see me, and it locked me up. I didn’t tell hardly ANYONE about the next performance, and that time– I nailed it.

  5. Amy this inspired me, too. You are truly an awesome person.

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