Blogging + Social Networking = Inspiration and Warm Fuzzies

I forgot how much more FUN blogging is when combined with social networking! They’re delightfully symbiotic.

During my sabbatical from facebook, I didn’t blog as much. Suddenly I’m becoming more prolific, and now I realize why.  As my friends list is growing again, I’m in a more kinetic environment, exposed to different perspectives and more ideas. And that’s inspiring!

I wrote one post a few hours ago that is resonating with my friends who have ink, and already three of them have given me shout-outs on facebook and Twitter.They commented on the blog I posted on my own wall, but then shared it on theirs too, or Tweeted. Wow.

This is what I was missing out on while I was gone! It makes me feel fantastic, and it’s like a virtual warm fuzzy. Back in high school, I was in youth group and went on Snowball retreats. We wrote each other short notes of affirmation, or gave a compliment verbally and then tied a piece of yarn on a longer necklace to symbolize our compliment– called a warm fuzzy.

I’m starting to realize that social networking is more than potential privacy threats and data mining again. It’s still scary, but there’s no escaping it.

Tonight my friends list hit 100. And 99 and 100 were incidentally, a married couple, who added me within nanoseconds of each other. I posted a status about it, and tagged them.

I never thought I’d say it, but I’m glad to be back.  People are tagging me in pictures and status updates, and today someone used a picture of us together as her profile picture. I can’t stop grinning!


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