Belated Easter: One of Us

I wasn’t inspired earlier– but karaoke cleared that up.

Tonight I sang one of my favorite ’90s classics, “One of Us,” by Joan Osborne.

What a perfect song for Easter, a holiday proclaiming the glory of Jesus.

I don’t have a lot of Biblical knowledge or Theological insight.

But I can say that today, I was overcome with a feeling of peace– and things turned out better than I anticipated.

I went to Mass, worked, and spent time with  my family.  I had been harsh on myself, because I hadn’t upheld my Lenten promise. Not even close. After last year’s , I wasn’t sure how I could match it with something equally important and challenging: so I set a difficult goal– feeling hopeful.

I wanted to write 40 notes. And that is a big deal, because my “notes” are usually several pages long– and never end up sent.

I told myself I’d be forced to write quick ones, and it would be a mindful way to express my gratitude and affection to those receiving them.

Three weeks ago, I wrote four and never mailed them.

The other 36, I never managed. I wanted them to be “old-fashioned,” snail mail. Or at least e-mail!

The old me would have insisted that I finish the task– but instead, I’m going to forgive myself and let it go.

Jesus would. He did.

I will at least mail the ones I already wrote. And the other 36 notes will happen as they are meant– at the right time.

I’m grateful for a blessed Easter, and the gift of this blog.


2 comments on “Belated Easter: One of Us

  1. I wrote you a note a while back and never sent it… Around Christmas time. I was waiting for you to send your address and then misplaced the envelope. I think we can do it!

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