National Cleavage Day: Relax and Enjoy it!

For the first time ever, I just learned of National Cleavage Day!

How did I not know about this?

I think it’s awesome. Surprised?

I’m in favor of celebrating, not SHAMING, our femininity. But my take on this isn’t what you expect.

Ladies, this could be a day to feel oppressed and objectified. Or, we could claim it as our own.

I say, let this be a day to revel in the inherent perfection of YOUR breasts.

Selma Blair isn’t hiding her cleavage! She isn’t going under the knife, trying to look like Salma Hayek. Why?

Because Selma Blair knows her own power. And she’s magnificent. I love this picture of her on the red carpet– deep v, no necklace.

THAT is fierce. That’s beautiful cleavage.

Thank God, because there are men and women attracted to EVERY size and shape. Hello, variety!

Because let’s face it, women are very competitive and self-conscious about our breast size, shape, firmness, anything else you can imagine.

In particular, women can really be nasty to other women about openly criticizing each other’s breasts. I’ve never heard any man be as judgmental of our girls as some women that I’ve met.

Back in junior high, I had a bustier friend who used to look at my flat chest and sigh. “Girl, you need to GROW!”

I felt like I was somehow less of a woman, because I didn’t have the surface area she did. Or any area!

They did grow, but not as big as my BFF’s.

I remember once I let another busty friend try on my favorite v-neck, and when she gave it back to me, it didn’t fit the same. I looked down at myself in comparison and wanted to cry. On her, the shirt looked sexy. On me? It looked… perfectly respectable.

Even worse, I was already 17. But next to her, I still felt 14.

Women are their own worst critics when it comes to body image.  We do this all the time.

As I got older, my self-esteem caught up to me.  My girls did too.  And now everything is exactly proportional as it should be, for me.

In college, I discovered that I loved the way I filled out out my shirts. I felt like  a woman, finally.

I mean, there can only be one Salma Hayek! Who doesn’t want a decolletage like she’s got?!

I think a great example of two actresses who are really comfortable with their cleavage are Susan Sarandon, and her equally stunning daughter, Eva Amurri. I love this picture of them gossiping together at a fashion show. You can see that Susan passed down her confidence to her daughter. Neither is wearing anything over-the-top.

They just look like women who feel as if cleavage is natural, and thus, they don’t look overpowering.

And I think actresses like Kate Hudson are and Selma Blair are beautiful– I’m always relieved when smaller-breasted actresses don’t succumb to Hollywood pressure and get breast implants.

Honestly, Kate Hudson has never been hurting for a date. Because she radiates.  Because she loves her own skin.

In college, my self-esteem eclipsed my cup size.  And that is when I really felt beautiful.

Today, stop putting down women who aren’t busty. Stop trying to guess if a women’s breasts are real. Stop making women who grew more than you did feel self-conscious about their extra surface area.

Just stop!

Today, don’t compare your breasts– to anyone.

Don’t allow yourself to feel guilty today if your breasts have changed since breast-feeding, or if you tried breast-feeding, and it wasn’t possible for you.

Don’t judge yourself if you got implants, or you want implants.

Your breasts don’t need to be anything other than what they are– yours.

Your breasts don’t need to be pretty, or look nice for someone else. They are for you.

Today, don’t be envious of any other woman. Don’t make it about trying to sexual attention to validate your breasts.

Today, wear YOUR favorite bra. Wear your favorite shirt, that works best with that bra. Or don’t wear one!

It doesn’t even have to be about SHOWING cleavage. You don’t have to show any.

Make today about LOVING YOUR cleavage.

If you are a AA or DDD, your breasts are what God gave you– be happy. If you’re a breast cancer survivor, and have scars because of a mastectomy, or a double mastectomy, promise me that today, you will not be afraid to look at those scars.

Those scars are what saved your life. Those scars make you beautiful.

Today, just rejoice in the glory of cleavage.

We’ve all got it. It’s all sexy.

Celebrate your cleavage, and yourself!


12 comments on “National Cleavage Day: Relax and Enjoy it!

  1. mancuso79 says:

    I know as a guy this sounds pretentious, but I have always held the belief that breasts are to be respected, no matter the structure. Don’t let society dictate what you should be doing with your body. Enjoy yourself as you were created.

  2. pearlessence says:

    Like! Breasts do have an intended physiological function anyway, not to please the eye. That’s just a nice bonus 😉

  3. Brooke Skeen says:

    what’s not to love! yay tatas! 🙂

  4. Uncle Tree says:

    I once read – that in evolutionary terms, boobs grew larger in order to mimic the buttocks, thus enticing men to come around front and face the music, so to speak. The personal bonds were therefore strengthened, and the lengthening of a relationship for life was made more possible.

    On another note, my favorite saying:
    “Anything more than a handful is wasted.” Beaver Cleaver

    • That is wild! I’ve never heard that before– and it seems very plausible, from an evolutionary standpoint. I’ll have to Google about that, thanks for bringing up such an interesting point about how our bodies ARE connected to our relationships– or at least the possibility.

      Beaver Cleaver, really? That really flew on TV back then?! LOL Harder to believe THAT!

  5. polkadotdog says:

    Breasts should not be treated as teats on a cow. I am not to be “milked”. They do not honk. either.
    Go Boobs!

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