Countdown to deadline

My next column is due Friday.

I always have anxiety the week before my deadline. Even though every time it’s fine, I always worry anyway. Even though it’s just 500 words, it takes a lot out of me. Especially since it’s my opinion– not just quoting sources. Writing a column is much tougher than a regular story. It’s more vulnerability.

Deep breath. The week before my column I usually crave time alone. I don’t have much to say to anyone. I take everything more seriously.

Is there a prayer for journalists?

I will pray that God will speak through me, and give me powers of concentration, reason, and confidence.


5 comments on “Countdown to deadline

  1. Breathe. You’re a writer – you got this.

    I’m lovin’ the new look, btw. It’s perfect!

  2. I hear ya!
    No prayers unfortunately. Only chocolate, cigarettes and frustration. Or plagiarism? Clearly I’m no help 🙂

    • Casey, you did help! I got my column done– EARLY! –gasp– I am ALL about the chocolate. I can’t plagiarize myself, right? Cause some of my old facebook Notes and blogs make great column ideas with a little updating! 😉

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