Humility and Lent 2012

After doing some Googling, I’m feeling much more optimistic about Lent.

In fact, I was tickled to  learn that in 2010,  the Rev. Tim Schenk, an Episcopalian, created  a competition called Lent Madness! Schenk is a sports fanatic, and constructed the game to pit 32 saints against each other to win The Golden Halo! Beginning Feb. 23, voting will be conducted online, as information is posted about two competing saints. I love that it infuses what is by definition a somber aspect of the Christian calendar with some holy-rolling fun!  It’s a $10 fee to join in. I won’t be actively voting, but am looking forward to checking the site and learning about all these saints!

I also really enjoy this article about avoiding “Lenten traps,”– my favorite being “Bob the Braggart.”

I will admit, participating in Lent CAN feel like a competitive sport. By announcing your plans of observance, we are getting validation. We also gain support for adhering to whatever way we choose to observe it,  be that by sacrifice or taking on something positive.

I can be vain about my writing, and blogging provides me fantastic validation. Thus, I will not be blogging at all about what I choose to do for Lent. I’ll write about it for myself, but not publish it.

This year, I want to work on cultivating humility.


2 comments on “Humility and Lent 2012

  1. How about an Eccesiastical Olympics? with various events, eg., Instead of pole vaulting you could have pole sitting- current record holder Simon Stylites!

  2. Scott Gunn says:


    Thanks for writing about Lent Madness.

    One quick clarification: there is no fee to take part in Lent Madness. SOME parishes are organizing (charitable!) betting pools, but that’s optional. Anyway can and should vote on, if you’re interested in such things. The whole concept is proof that there is such a thing as ecumencial, fun Christianity.


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