Introducing, 50 Items or Less! Kudos, Ian Little.

Today I’m in The Herald- News– as a SOURCE!! It’s fantastic to be quoted for a change.

The story is about a phenomenal new blog, started by a friend of mine who I refer to in comments sometimes as my “Blog Dad.”  He’s the one who convinced me to sign up with Word Press, because his blog impressed me.

I won’t give away the details– read the story to find out!

Even better, Denise  Baran-Unland identified me as a Common Sense columnist and linked Unrelenting Amee.  Whoa.  I haven’t gone public with it through my column yet– but when Denise offered, I couldn’t say no.  This was a huge step for me: by doing this interview, I committed to unveiling my blog to the public. I hadn’t promoted it via my column because I wasn’t sure if I was ready. Ready or not, it’s out there now.

It’s come full circle. Six months after starting this blog anonymously, I committed to putting my name on it. And six months after starting my column, I am now going public with this very same blog. It’s a beautiful symmetry.

I really like the article and couldn’t be more proud of Ian. He’s really achieved something remarkable.

Thus far, I’ve only contributed two mini-sagas to 50 Items or Less, because I find it enormously intimidating. Next, I’ll finish my bio. That’s my next homework assignment!


One comment on “Introducing, 50 Items or Less! Kudos, Ian Little.

  1. Thanks Amee! I am always flattered by your praise as you have been to the mountain and back so to speak when it comes to writing. And your personal message to my voicemail made me feel just wonderful. So thank you thank you thank you. I loved the article and can’t believe that this group has come so far in such a short time. It’s a testament to the efforts and talents of the individuals who contribute (including you). The group is growing everyday and the members are starting to get the recognition they deserve which makes me beside myself with joy. Since starting we have branched off to expand definitions and to redefine what is considered a “story” while challenging the limits of a 50 word format. We now allow for one picture per post if necessary and may very well create and alternate short fiction blog to accompany the home base. The word of the day is creativity. And we are planting a foot firmly in its backside. How’s that for a kick start?!

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