The Greatest Love of All: Why I’m Choosing to be my own valentine, or Quirkyalone!

“Just another day,” a friend of mine said earlier tonight as we discussed Valentine’s Day looming.

Not for me! And this year, I am proud to be my own valentine.

On Feb. 11, I was saddened indeed to learn of Whitney Houston‘s death. I remember buying “The Bodyguard” Soundtrack on cassette tape. I still have it, that’s how uncool I am. Her voice was only hers– no one sounds like Whitney. She was a great actress as well as singer– but she was human, like anyone else. I don’t think anyone should be judging her now– fame is a burden that most of us couldn’t live to carry. She inspired millions.

I’m paying tribute in this post because Whitney’s version of the George Benson song, “The Greatest Love of All,” really epitomizes the sentiment of how I choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.

I was at Barnes & Noble, intending to purchase a new novel as a valentine gift for myself.

And then my heart told me where to go: the journals.

At every visit, I end up ogling them. There was one particular journal I had been eyeing for months– but it was luxurious. Made in Italy, the suede journal is a unabashed scarlet, with inlaid designs on the cover. Two strips of scarlet leather reach across the journal and are fastened by a metal clasp, which can be loosened.

Right then, I decided buying this journal was the best valentine’s present I could give myself. The bold color inspired me.

What if everyday, I was excited about my life as I am right now? I hope to find out.

For Valentine’s Day, I’ll write in my red journal, and do things that make me happy.

Thus, I decided to begin a new relationship with myself. By spoiling myself with this extravagant journal, I’m making a commitment to me.

I told the female cashier my plan, and she loved the idea. I walked out with a dreamy smile, feeling like a strong woman who is finally starting to understand herself.

Then I drove to Officemax, and bought multi-colored gel pens! So I can scribble away in one of eight colors, selecting the one that matches my mood at that moment.

I now have a beautiful new scarlet leather journal, and eight pens of inspiring colors.

I will begin this journal tomorrow, on Valentine’s Day.

I will write about what makes me happy! I’ll write about what I do to celebrate, alone.

Not single– but alone.

“Single” is still a term used to define marital status. The rest of that sentence is, “I”m single, without a man.”

Whatever your orientation or gender, “single,” implies that you’re somehow only half. And I’m a whole.

So I choose to identify as joyfully alone.

Even better, quirky alone.

Happy International Quirky Alone Day!!

Because Whitney was right:

“Because the greatest love of all

is happening to me

I found the greatest love of all

inside of me.”


10 comments on “The Greatest Love of All: Why I’m Choosing to be my own valentine, or Quirkyalone!

  1. Brooke Skeen says:

    awesome, amee. to that i can say happy valentine’s day, and not feel like i’m just oozing sentiment. your approach inspires me 🙂

    • Back atcha, Brooke!! I told my writer’s group about Flash Fiction Friday, they love it!! I wasn’t expecting any valentines today, but you just gave me one with this comment. ❤ Thank you, and I hope your Valentine's Day is great too.

  2. Do we get to see a picture of the journal? It sounds pretty awesome.

  3. I totally LOVE this, Amee! The journal sounds beautiful. I have kept several journals throughout my life, for various reasons. And on long winter days, I will sometimes reread a few of them, and marvel at how far I’ve come on my journey. Writing really helps me clarify what’s important. Sometimes I experience feelings in visuals, and I have this visual of you as a blossoming rose. And it’s not a dainty pink rose, or a showy coral rose. No, it’s a bright red rose, full of fragrance. Marj

  4. Wow Marj, thanks for sharing that image of me as “a bright red rose, full of fragrance.”

    That’s as good as any valentine!! I do feel as if I’m finally starting to bloom.

    Journaling is a profoundly cathartic way to chronicle your life and inspire yourself, I agree. It can be a wonderful way to “connect the dots,” about ongoing patterns in our lives– that’s what I have found to be invaluable.

    The journal is so beautiful, I’m hesitant to write in it! I’ve only written once, so far. But I’ll get more comfortable with it, and what a wonderful journey that will be!! I need to get a program allowing me to upload photos– I think I might try Instagram. Then I will post a photo of this scarlet journal!

  5. I’m curious – have you continued writing in the journal? How’s your relationship going? Committed as ever, I hope. 😉 The one we have with ourselves is definitely the most important.

    I just love the message of this post – being alone is okay. Better than okay, even, because alone does not equal lonely. I have been blissfully alone quite a bit.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom and personal power, Amee. 🙂

    • Kaylee, that I have! Ha, my relationship is good. I certainly am committed, but right now isn’t the most fun time! Right now I’m very committed to being single– some guys have been wanting me to be otherwise. It’s funny, last year I had a really hard time staying true to my Lenten promise, although I did it. This year, I didn’t vow to stay single, but that seems to be what I’m unofficially doing.

      I won’t lie– alone IS lonely sometimes. But lonely isn’t always a bad thing– tremendous growth comes from it. And right now, it’s a place I need to be. I’m focusing on myself, on my goals, and my friendships.

      I’ve missed your comments, Kaylee. Welcome back! I’ll keep writing as long as you keep reading. 😉

  6. I’m glad to hear your relationship with yourself is going well. 😉 Funny how the mind works – you focus on something and it’s impossible to stay away from it, but you don’t make it a goal and it’s easy. That’s kinda how weight loss works for me – if I say I’m trying to lose weight or on a diet, I crave junkfood like you wouldn’t believe. But if I just set the intention of being healthy, I get no cravings, and making good choices is a cinch!

    Alone certainly can be lonely – but you’re right, as with many negative emotions/situations, huge growth can come from it. Plus, you’re awesome and I’m sure you’ve got some wonderful friends and readers to keep ya company. 😉

    Thanks for the warm welcome! I’ll certainly keep up, I’ve missed your style. Peace! 🙂

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