When Push Comes to Shove : Big Sisters and Challenge

“I wasn’t put on this Earth to be your best friend, I was put here to challenge you.”

I’m an only child.

I don’t understand sibling relationships, as much as I would like to. But throughout my life, I’ve collected a motley assortment of people who function like family.

Some of them are people with whom I have an enduring and deep connection, but there is friction due to our polar differences.

And thank God for that!

When one woman whom has become my spiritual Big Sister called me just now, I couldn’t help smiling.

We have a habit of calling each other late, at the most random times. Our plans are always last-minute, and work out best that way!

It was so refreshing to hear bluntness. It was refreshing to talk with someone who doesn’t flatter, who says exactly what is on their mind– and because of that, you can always trust exactly what they say. I wish more of us were that brave. At times, I’m a slave to tact.

We hadn’t talked in awhile, I wasn’t even sure if we were on good terms. She can be abrasive, and I can be over-sensitive. Regardless, she’s always hilarious, inspiring, and a bottomless well of creativity and “Go get e’m!!” energy.

And when she threw down that above sentence, I got it. Only the people that care bother to challenge you.

It’s not a fun job. And it’s not a job everyone does successfully.

What a gift! Sometimes what we need most is a catalyst to shake us up. Whether or not we always get along, there are some people who live in our hearts and make us laugh and yes, challenge us.

It was just what I needed. A wonderful sign of hope, a reminder that our prayers are answered in spectactularly innovative ways.

Isn’t that what Big Sisters are for– to be a little bossy, to inspire you with their wisdom and strength? To dazzle you with their confidence?

To remind you they’ve done it before, that you’ll figure it out.

To remind you of who you are, and push you toward being better.

God bless Big Sisters, it’s not always biological.


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